Grace Assembly of God has been blessed by the selfless and sacrificial service of its members in the last quarter of a century. All the brothers and sisters in the church have played vital roles in the various areas of church ministry- from assisting the pastor and leading worship on Sundays and organizing prayer meetings to operating the sound system and cleaning the premises. Without desire for recognition or reward, they continue to offer their services, whatever the need. 

Grace Assembly of God is proud and pleased to see serval of its members, young and old, preparing themselves for the Lord's ministry, and many of them entering active church ministry. The church has helped in grooming them to be laborers in the Lord's vineyard. 


Care team

CARE TEAM is a ministry of Grace Assembly of God, which promotes God's love in numerous ways. During special occasions, this ministry encourages, supports, and enlightens the members of the church by sending cards and emails. God's love is displayed to his people in their times of celebration, happiness, and sorrow.


Ladies of Grace

Ladies of Grace has been the girls meeting among the youth for the past many years. Meeting at church or at a member’s house, we would talk about God's word as well as have a time of fellowship and bonding.



The prayer team began their wonderful start in 2016. The youth started this ministry by praying in various houses. We then designated Tuesday nights at 7:30pm at Grace Assembly of God for the meetings. This has been a blessing for the youth. They came in with prayer requests and questions pertaining to life and the Bible. Bible studies were conducted by the youth every time we met and discussed on topics that were relevant to our walk with Christ.




From the mid-90s, a weekly service in English was planned and conducted with the youth in mind. Liju Rajan provided leadership for this youth ministry, currently called EDGE, and it has been instrumental in bringing the youth together for prayer and the study of the Word.

Youth Meeting

Youth meeting is a ministry of Grace Assembly of God in Spring Valley, New York that encourages young people to use their talents for the glory of the Lord.


The Boys and Girls Missionary challenge or more commonly known as BGMC is a great ministry that helps missionaries around the world acquire supplies such as puppets, music, video tapes, tracts, Bibles, literature, sound systems, computers, and copy machines. BGMC funds also assists in the creation of feeding programs, water wells, and Bible schools. These supplies and programs will help missionaries grow the Kingdom of God in different places of the World.


Kids to kingdom

The youth group in the church was maturing into responsible men and women with a burden for souls and new ideas for evangelization. They had begun a Vacation Bible School in 1998, and by 2000 it had become an annual summer event that the children of the locality looked forward to.

A Catchy and meaningful name was found for the youth group and its activities - Kids to Kingdom, abbreviated into k2K. The activity-and-fin-filled VBS organized by k2K captured national attention, and the k2K group was invited to lead the children's programs in the PCNAK, AGIFNA and Church of God conferences. This was indeed a great honor and recognition for the hard work of the youth group. In addition, they undertook mission trips to Delhi, Mexico, and Honduras and supported activities of orphanages that were identified in those places. The services of Bennett Varghese and team in organizing and developing k2K into a group with a divine purpose need speical mention.